Introduction to Problem Solving Examples

This section of gives a sampling of the types of problems one finds in the Problem Solving portion of the Quantitative part of the GMAT. On the pages for each of the topics listed below we show problems and solutions ranging in difficulty, but in the style that is typical of GMAT problems.

As noted, this is only a sampling of problems. Proper preparation for the GMAT requires considerably more experience with such math problems as these, and we offer this to all who register in the subscriber section of our site. In the subscriber section we have literally thousands of math problems to choose from, all with complete explanations which are given immediately after answer submission. You can practice thoroughly until you’ve mastered the essential concepts needed for success. In addition, you are provided with statistical data which identifies your strong and weak areas. And of course you can take practice exams to your heart’s content.

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The questions available in the sampling section can be found at each of these links:

  1. Basic Calculations
  2. Combinations/Probability
  3. Exponents
  4. Expressions/Equations
  5. Fractions/Percentages
  6. Functions
  7. Geometry
  8. Inequalities
  9. Integers
  10. Real Numbers
  11. Set Theory Problems
  12. Statistical Functions
  13. Word Problems