Topics on the Basics of Math

The GMAT Quantitative section tests your ability to use your basic mathematical knowledge and your ingenuity in solving more advanced problems. To prepare you for these kinds of problems gives thorough coverage to topics in all the GMAT Quantitative areas, at both the basic and the advanced levels. To get a virtually limitless selection of basic and advanced problems, both for practice and sample testing, go to the Subscriber side of the site.

Proper preparation starts with the Basics. To achieve full mastery of the GMAT’s essential mathematical concepts, see our e-book, GMAT Math Basics, which provides over 250 samples problems and numerous integrated examples in 12 main topical areas.

In addition, on the Public side of this site, we cover the Basic concepts with clear and detailed explanations, as well as many sample problems. You can find them at these locations:

For a complete glossary with definitions of all the essential mathematical terms in our coverage, see: